About Us

SPELLIT.com LLC is a privately-owned company located in Austin, Texas.
The founders – Maynard Small, and Susan Smith– are passionate about creating fun and free, skill-based spelling games that test players knowledge and ability to spell words using a Keypad instead of a keyboard to win cash prizes.
They previously owned and sold GiftCard.com to GiftCardLab in 2012, which was sold to BlackHawk Network Holdings in 2014. Small has been in the advertising and sales promotion business for 45 years.
Everyone age 13 years or older (except where restricted or prohibited) is encouraged to play SPELLIT® . The fastest weekly speller wins $100 cash and the fastest monthly speller wins $1000 cash.
Players don’t have to be the fastest speller to win a prize. If they can spell 10 words correctly in 5 minutes or less on a SPELLIT® keypad
they are entered into a random drawing each week and one player wins a $100 cash prize.
The contests will be totally free and supported by advertising. The company will donate 10% of any profits to non-profit literacy organizations.
SPELLIT® is available for download in the App Store for iOS,Google Play Store for Android devices, or at www.spellit.com
and can be played at any time.

If you are interested in sponsoring a national SPELLIT® Contest please contact: Marketing@spellit.com

Media Inquiries contact: PR@spellit.com

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